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Lost Retreats are designed and built for the wanderer, the adventurer, the dreamer and those ready to connect with nature’s untamed beauty.

Lost Retreats sets a new standard for eco-tourism, showcasing that luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. Our Retreats have been designed to inspire our guests to embrace a more responsible way of living and highlights the importance of preserving our natural surroundings.

We are committed to sustainable tourism, and the great outdoors. Our Architecturally designed accommodation offers a new era of simplified luxury in off-grid accommodations that celebrate the synergy of nature and shelter.

Designed to provide you, a unique, memorable and magical short-term stay; you will get lost in the view, lost in adventure, local experiences, life’s simple pleasures and the regions must see and do, with those important to you.

Lost Retreats is the brainchild of long time friends; Steve Brooks and award-winning architect and sustainable building specialist Damien Chwalisz, who have a couple of things in common – their love for stripped-back living, sustainable practices and the great outdoors.

These ideologies are what set Lost Retreats apart to bring you a new era of simplified luxury in off-grid accommodation that rejoice in their natural surroundings, celebrating the synergy of nature and shelter. With a light footprint being at the forefront of Lost Retreats, all dwellings are created from repurposed, sustainable and recycled materials.

The Lost Retreats team’s undeniable talent for boundary-pushing designs has also guided the aesthetics and functionality of the retreats. Think head-turning interiors, soft furnishings and sustainable architecture – all the hallmarks of a Lost Retreat – providing you with the perfect opportunity to farewell the tangled whirlwind of deadlines, notifications and demands, to truly be present and bask in the beauty of the location.

Whether it’s a unique escape with friends, a memorable spot for a romantic retreat or a family holiday (#makingmemories), our contextually sensitive boutique retreats create a seamless space for you to reconnect, dream, explore and wander.

So come get lost
with Lost Retreats.

An outdoor fire pit
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Find Yourself

We are lost in busy; to-do lists, obligations, ticking boxes and chasing the next big thing... find yourself lost in simplicity for a moment. Get lost in thought, in laughter, in the view, in the moment.

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